Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Turn the Other Cheek = Doormat?

Sometimes I wonder. I'm trying to teach my kids not to react to some people who are, quite frankly, doing their best to torture our entire family. I tell Emily to ignore the little girl who screams at her at her during recess - to just walk away and not react. I tell Cody to walk away from the boy who kicked him and has made several other threats against him. I tell them not to return the pounding on the wall that we share in our duplex.

But when is enough enough? When do I tell them to fight back? Or do I? Are they being doormats by walking away?

Last week, the parents did something beyond words - and I'm still debating what my reaction will be. I believe very strongly in being responsible for your own actions and not simply reacting to something someone else does - an example: one of the kids in question said to Emily, "Thanks for getting me in trouble" - she took no responsibility for HER actions - she simply thought the action of Emily telling someone was what got her in trouble (and it wasn't even Emily telling someone, it was ME, but that's not the point).

I'm breaking another of my rules of writing by not having a solid ending - because I don't really know what to say. It makes a good metaphorical statement though, because it's sort of the way I've been walking around the last few days...without direction; wondering where the end is.

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