Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can A Sloth Tweet?

I mean, assuming said Sloth has thumbs...
Being a sloth-like creature I figured that using Twitter (follow me @crystalpratt ...I probably didn't do that right.  But anyway...) was the easiest way to document/outline/create an easy blog post for my trip to Southern Illinois and Kentucky last weekend.  I'm all for finding the easiest way to do things.
Mr. Sloth and I were headed south for our anniversary.  He was taking pictures for his photo blog. (All photos below are his as well)  I was there for the wineries.  Well, and our anniversary.  Of course.

So, here goes:

April 1 
Pretty sure I just interrupted a drug deal at rend lake 
We had pulled up to the boat ramp at Rend Lake.  As we did this guy in a truck took off rather abruptly.  As soon as he did, a guy parked about 20 feet away did so as well.  Ooops.
Like dude I was like so wasted...ahhh siu students :)
Blue Sky Vineyard - Not my favorite winery.  Mr. Sloth likes it because of the scenery.   It's very Tuscan and airy.  It is very pretty.  But I always feel like I'm at a bar.  The people doing the tastings are always college students and the place is always full of them - as noted in my tweet. :-)  (However, the next one we went to, Orlandini Vineyard - was fabulous.  The owner was a hoot.  Very friendly.  It was a charming, down-to-earth place. I loved it.  Go there. )
I don't exactly have 6G bieber fever here in the hills. Uploads slow
I thought this was weird because we were just minutes from Carbondale.
About to go to dinner with hs friend of gregs 
I'm sure this is shocking to everyone.  I'm so outgoing behind the security blanket of my computer screen. :-)
My <3 belongs to moscato
Like I said.  Wine helps.  Greg's friends had presented me with a bottle of one of my favorite wines.  I like them.   By the way, they have a bar. In. Their. Garage.  

April 2
Nature girls tweeting from the cache river basin. If I see a snake, I'm gonna flip
Southern Illinois is known for rattlesnakes.  Did you know that?  I'm not a fan.
He hikes & takes pictures. I tweet
I kept thinking something was following me. It was just my excedrin rattling in my bag.
Yes, I'm a dork.
It's amazing how different things are just 3 hours from home. I'm in a swamp.
I knew that there were forest and hilly things outside of my flat, flat county.  But this?  Not a clue it was here.
Well I'm on a boardwalk over the swamp, but corn anywhere
Wlilly jacks metropolis
The last time I was here was when my Grandpa Vargocko died. I was pregnant with Fia Sloth.  My aunt stared at my fried mushrooms through the whole meal.  I'm not sure why that's relevant.
Debreading my fried mushrooms....what?
Maybe that's why.
I do it to cheese sticks too
I hadn't ordered cheese sticks though.
Getting rady to go see superman 
I even bought the Slothboys some Kryptonite. (green rock candy)
Stopping for a rest @ tva land bt the lakes. Being a tourist is hard work
I was about to fall asleep, but my mom wasn't home yet and we were much earlier than I thought we were going to be - and I really didn't want to crash my cousin's bridal tea bearing only gifts of Kryptonite.

April 3
Slacking on my twittering. Church at st henrys father looks good in pink lol
Apparently, the 4th Sunday of Lent requires that the priest wear rose.  I like priest at my grandfather's church.
And we all did a shot of makers mark at granpas grave
All meaning my family, not the priest.  These tweets didn't take place as close together as they appear here on the page. :-)
Disappointed that pattis 1880s doesn't seem to have maple sugar candy
I don't know why I was disappointed.  I didn't find any when I was there in September.  

April 4
Getting ready to keave paducah. Tornado sirens going off. Guess that's my cue
As with any trip I make, there has to be an event.  Granted, I didn't end up in the ICU or anything, but well, let's just say that the trip over the I24 bridge over the Ohio River during a tornado warning was not an experience I care to repeat.
Obviously, the bridge wasn't as angry when this picture was taken.

Tomorrow, I leave for St. Louis.

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