Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Really? Seriously? Are You Kidding Me?

I went INSIDE to the treadmill today.  I was planning on walking most of my two miles today, simply because I"m sore and I forgot my knee brace.

But I'm impatient and it was taking forever, so I decided to jog just a few minutes here and there.   I hadn't eaten much all day (a peach for a breakfast, a few nasty Banquet chicken nuggets for lunch, very little fluids all day).  Oh and I spent over an hour sitting in the sun at the pool.  So, going to the gym = probably not the best idea.

I went anyway.  I walked a quarter mile or so and started jogging - two minutes.  Walked some more, until my heart rate was back under the "Ohmygodimgoingtodie" range and started jogging again.  After the second run, my left leg started hurting.  I say leg because it wasn't really my ankle.  It definitely wasn't my knee.  But it hurt.  I kept going though.  I wanted to make at least a mile.  By the time I was done, I thought, "Well, I'll just do the bike for the last mile."  It hurt so bad I couldn't do it.  I barely made it out of there.

I think it's just tendinitis or something. I didn't hurt myself.  I didn't twist anything.  But I was in some serious pain for about an hour.  I took my prescribed anti-inflammatory *and* four ibuprofen.  An hour or so later, I was pretty much OK.  No swelling or anything.  But, really?  Seriously?  For freaking Pete's sake.  I'm just trying to be healthy here.  What the hell?

A few hours later, I was walking up that hill again.  In flip-flops.  But the dog needed to play.  (I let Cody Sloth walk her though).  I still feel mostly alright.  We'll see what tomorrow holds.

I think I need to buy a bike.


  1. When Kevin runs his feet hurt something bad. His doctor told him..."There are alot of people that just can't take running....you are one of them" Of course Kevin is on coumadin too, which breaks down your bones and makes them weak after years of taking it. He suggested he ride bike, walk, or swim when he exercises. Maybe that's you, Crystal? Maybe running just isn't in the cards for you.

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