Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Sloth Ramblings

  • I paid a dollar for air today.  Yes, a whole dollar.  For air.  It took approximately 3.8 seconds to air up the bike tires that I needed it for.  Money well spent.
  • I'm making Sophia another tutu.  I ordered more tulle and bands on ebay last night.  I need an intervention.
  • Sydney is currently washing dishes by hand.  It's part of the child-labor I'm making her do to pay back her $115 texting bill from last month.  I've seen a lot of eye rolling today.  8th graders are so much fun.
  • I'm watching my niece and nephew while my sister and her husband go to Red Lobster.  Today's special was "endless shrimp."  Chris ate TEN servings.  They got their money's worth, I'd say.
  • Speaking of food, the kids are pretty excited that Greg works late tonight.  Translation: fried chicken from the IGA deli for dinner. (or G I A  as Fia calls it).
  • My ankle hurts again.  I went for a brisk mile walk yesterday and it was ok-ish, but I turned it slightly getting into the shower and now it's back to about how it was a week or so ago.  I should probably wear the boot again, but it makes my hips hurt to walk around all uneven.  I have opted to sit on my butt instead.
  • My cousin, Dani, just said she saw Jesus at Broomcorn.  My kids are going to be so disappointed that we didn't go today.  
  • I would do unspeakable things for a Campfire Mocha from Caribou.  Not bad things, just things I would not speak of.
  • My dad took my van to get the oil changed yesterday.  It costs about $30.  My bill was $100.  He told them to fix some sort of alternator belt thingy (I just drive the car, I pay other people to know how it works) But in the end, he probably saved me a $300 alternator replacement + towing costs.  So, even though he never remembers my birthday, my dad still rocks.
  • That's all.  I should probably go check on the children now.  It's way too quiet in there.

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  1. 10 servings followed by a LARGE concrete mixer (extra caramel and extra marshmallow) from Culver's. I was sick just watching him eat :(