Monday, January 23, 2012

How To Turn A Shower Into A Blog Post in 10 Easy Steps

Step One: Get into shower while still wearing glasses.

Step Two: Shampoo hair.

Step Three: Add conditioner before rinsing shampoo out of hair.

Step Four: Rinse both out of hair.

Step Five: Add shampoo to hair. Again.  Realize it's the wrong bottle.  Rinse.

Step Six: Add conditioner to newly rinsed hair.

Step Seven: Drop jar of salt scrub on toe.

Step Eight: Back into faucet, turning hot water all the way up, scald back.

Step Nine: In haste, turn off water without rinsing conditioner.

Step Ten: Make sure the kids get good jobs because you're going to need a really good nursing home a lot sooner than you were planning.
*Not my shower. I'd probably drown it it, but it sure looks cool.


  1. I'm a life-sized bobble-head doll too.

  2. Except for the salt scrub jar, that's life as usual around here...... :)

  3. You mean you didn't have "MOOOOOooOOOOOMMMM"? Nor barking dogs? Nor meowing cats? Nor a cat clawing your leg because you didn't see it before turning the shower on? Nor forgetting to get the towel....I'll take the memory loss...then maybe I wouldn't remember what it was really like! LOL

    It happens to the best of us! :P

  4. I want that shower. Except I feel like it would be cold.