Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Prideful Sloth

It's not that I'm being lazy, it's just that I'm...well, I'm even more easily distracted today than usual.  Also, I'm lazy and I'm going to just provide you with a short follow up (mostly pictures) post to the last post.

So... Sydney had her first competition of the season and Exclusively Dance had their first competition ever. They headed to St. Louis for the VIP Dance competition.

It was really well-run (trust me, I've been to some that were train wrecks.)  They worked with the studio to move around dance times for some high school girls who had school commitments.

We arrived  super early because we wanted to cheer on everyone.  It made for a long day for Fia, but she was a trooper!

Anyway...I don't have picture of her duet (I think someone got some, but I haven't seen them posted yet.) So, I'll just go ahead and report that she & her teammate scored a high gold and had the highest score in the teen division so they won 1st place.

The rest I'll tell in photos :-)

Run the World, high gold, 1st place teen large group, outstanding hip hop award
Edge of Glory, gold 

Lost Dreams, high gold, 2nd place teen small group 

Machine, gold
Landed, high gold, 1st place teen solo 

These are just the dances my kid is in.  Many of our other group dances received outstanding scores and high point placements.  Most importantly, I think every one of them had fun. :-)

*Apparently, despite what the website said, dancers in the intermediate level (meaning they take 6 or less hours of dance a week, do not qualify for platinum awards, so high gold was the highest "grade" available.


  1. Yay kiddo! And what great pictures!

  2. I think dancing is just SO cool.... I wonder if my kids will be interested. I'd be a nutty dance mom ;)

    1. ha! I never claim to be sane ;-) - I'm just not "tv show crazy" ;-)