Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tired Sloth

Well, the body is tired, but the brain is still spinning.

I don't think that we've ever done back-to-back dance competitions before.  I don't think I care for it.  Every other week would be ok though. (You know, if they were free. ;-) )

The Exclusively Dance girls did great with nearly every number entered scoring in the overalls for their division.
Sydney placed 4th in her solo (and improved her score over last week's by about 10 points - wow!) I was really proud of her.  I'd have been proud of her if her score had dropped 10 points, though.  I could never get up on a stage by myself and do what she does.
Her duet placed 2nd, kick dance placed 2nd and got a special award, hip hop placed 2nd, contemporary placed 4th, and her open dance placed 7th.  Two of her dances also qualified for some outrageously expensive workshop in NYC. (I never see those as "prizes" They are sales pitches.)

We also got a peek at the opposite of the good sportsmanship she exhibited last week. To say I was disappointed to see such a thing is an understatement. I was so furious that I snapped at someone else's kid for that behavior - which was wrong - but, well, you can only take so much before you blow. This kid knows what she did and I think her mother does too, even if she won't admit it.  It's up to them to live with knowing that it was really distasteful and decide whether to repeat that behavior. I learned enough to know that counting to 10 wasn't enough and if faced with the same situation, I would still react, but I'd do it differently.

Unfortunately, we're all human - and mama bear came out.  Fortunately, there were no t.v. cameras around. lol   I"m not going to say any more on that because if you were there, you already heard about it. If you're on Twitter, you REALLY heard about it, and otherwise, it's not worth the key strokes. ;-)

I was also really proud of my Fia.  We spent Saturday watching the wee ones. Her Sydney wasn't even dancing, and she was just happy as could be.  Today, we had to be there at about 7:30 (which is 6:30 here) and she was excellent all day. She cried once, when she was getting tired and took  a nap on Tammy's lap (until hearing a Bieber song woke her up. ;-)) Otherwise, she was in a good mood and just happy to be there.  It made things a lot easier on me.

The ride home went smoothly other than Fia freaking out thinking we were going to run out of gas. As soon as I filled the tank, she fell asleep.

I'm glad to be home and to have a weekend off before the next dance performance. (Pacer's game April 6) I do love our dance family and am so glad that all (now all three!) of my girls have the opportunity to be around such positive and talented teachers/coaches and great dancers.

Sorry, it's not a funny blog. I'll bring funny back next time. ;-)

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