Monday, April 2, 2012

How Jerks Get Their Start

Ok, I really wanted to title this, "How Assholes Get Their Start" but I wanted to be all PC for search engines and stuff, but, well, there you have it.

They get their start when they are two years old at a community Easter egg hunt.  The rules state that the parents are to stay behind the ropes, yet, without fail, some parent is out there grabbing up eggs FOR their kid - and usually knocking other kids down in the process.   In case you are wondering, no, I did not go to the community egg hunt.  I'm not retelling a tale from this year.  However, I have seen it happen. My kids were the ones who came back with one or two eggs because I follow the damned rules and I teach my kids to do so as well.  This rant is sponsored by a town in Colorado who had to cancel their egg hunt because Mommy can't let little Sally-neighbor-girl get more eggs than her preshush little snowflake.  For heaven's sake, what's next, she'll get accepted into Harvard first! 

Ok, it doesn't have to be an egg hunt.  It can be anything.  The point is that these kids are going to grow up thinking it is ok to break the rules and to trample on anyone who might get in the way of their goals. I don't give a rat's behind if "this is just how the world works."  I would rather be proud of my accomplishments (and my kids' accomplishments) knowing that they got what they were after by following the rules and treating other human beings (and furry wittle creatures, of course) with respect than just be glad they got x trophy or won some stupid golden egg because they had to step on someone to do it.

This doesn't meant that I don't expect them to ask questions and challenge authority if they don't agree with something - but if they ever do it just to prove they can get their way?  Well, I'll be really disappointed. I've challenged many things I don't believe in - sometimes it works out, sometimes it bites me in the butt.  I have no regrets for doing so - because I did it for what I believe were the right reasons.

But for Heaven's sake, people, it's ok for your kid to "lose."  As a matter of fact, if you teach them that it's not, they're going to grow up to be really nasty adults that people are only nice to because their parents taught them manners. Let your kids learn how to lose gracefully and for bacon's sake, please let them learn how to WIN gracefully.  A toddler Easter egg hunt should not be a death match.


  1. this isn't going to dovetail nicely with my Friday post, I suspect.

    1. I should have had Jim pegged as a supporter of toddler death matches.

  2. I remember my first wittle egg hunt. I got no eggs and was a sad sad girl. Thankfully the Easter bunny was there and he (she?) gave me some eggs. So IN YOUR FACE all you little assholes who stole my eggs.