Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Slothy Sloth

Someone had better arrive with the AED machine soon because I need a jolt.

Before Christmas I was working anywhere between 40-60 hours a week with various jobs and clients (plus tutus!) and now I'm down to 10 hours and I cannot seem to get myself moving beyond that.  I've had lots of "send me  your resume" and "try this link" and helpful stuff from great friends.  Yet...oooh, it's my turn on Draw Something.

I suck. (Both at life and at Draw Something for those keeping score.)

I *am* potty training a very stubborn child.  That takes up some time, I guess.  Also, doctor's appointments.  My kids have all taken turns being varying degrees of pathetic sick and my back, that I hurt in February, still freaking hurts.  I've also been on drugs.  I suppose I could blame those.

But today, well, I fed the Fia Beast breakfast AND lunch. There was a shower.  Also, I put a load of laundry into the washing machine and I put a stamp on some mail and walked it all the way to the front porch and put it in the mailbox. I took out a bag of trash. I know it took almost a whole minute because my fabulous microwave lunch was done when I got back in the house.

What I'm saying is: Someone please update my resume and do my networking for me because Dora is on and she's about to cross the rainbow bridge.


  1. MOSQUITO!!! It was a goddamn mosquito!!!!

    *keeps score. . . at least on Draw Something*


    No money = no sushi
    No money = no wine
    No money = no bacon
    No money = no Draw Something