Saturday, June 9, 2012

Amish Goat Tutus

Trust me, that's the best, um, title I can come up with that won't make the entire post an explanation of what...wait, that ship has already sailed, docked, and reboarded.

But really, with all of the bricks and stuff, especially with my mom (her update below, btw) I appreciate the chance to laugh and take my mind off of things that raise my blood pressure, including the fact that I keep forgetting to take the medicine that keeps me from having high blood pressure.

I have a great group of folks I interact with on the Twitter machine - and as with most people - if you don't tweet with regularity, you just don't get it - and that's ok.

Recent topics have included:

Amish Swingers. This is not a tire swing you might see in an Amish family's yard.  Googling was completed and what has been seen cannot be unseen.
How we even got to that topic can't even be explained. I think. But it had something to do with Pure Country Joy and haunted houses.  I know. I don't see the connection either. I suspect that it's all because I like fondue.

Someone created an Amish Swinger twitter account. There was much rejoicing.

Goats that wear clothes.  And the fact that there are catalogs specifically devoted to these items.

People making running shoes for goats.

A certain twitterer who never takes unobcured photos of his face may or may not be a goat.

Tutus - and whether a goat would wear a tutu. I'm going to have to open a new section on my etsy store with goat tutus.  I think I'll need a new photo shoot for that, although my children all eat like goats.

I think the goats need tiaras too.

Disclaimer: I am only drinking water. I have taken no narcotic pain medication. I just haven't slept much.

Now...about mom.  She was being transferred back to a regular floor tonight. She sent me a text and sounded very upbeat. I'll try to call her tomorrow. She's been too weak to talk, but I'm hoping that she can for a few minutes.  Considering that a week ago, even, we were certain she wasn't going to make it, this is excellent news.

Carry on.

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  1. Glad your mom is doing better - sorry to hear she's not been well... And yes, this has all been a heck of a lot of fun!