Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Suppose It Could Have Been Worse

I was just chatting with someone about *something exciting that I'm going to be posting on this blog soon and realized that I've been very, very lax about posting on here at all. And, well, since I want people to actually read about this thing I'm going to post about, I should probably try to keep what few followers I have interested, right?

*No,  I can't tell you yet. Don't even ask.


Yes, I had a "Crystal Day" - No, the dog didn't get out (she did once last week though.) Yes, I was able to take a shower unassisted and even rinsed all of the conditioner out of my hair, but geez...it's been a long day.

I got up earlier than I had intended, but I worked for a few hours and then got in Greg's car to take Sydney to her last physical therapy appointment. (Her knee is doing much better, thanks for asking.) I was using Greg's car because my dad had my car at his place of business getting new brakes put onto it. (About 10 days ago, it started making this awful grinding noise.  I'm sure the kids wanted to wave to all of their friends while we drove around town.)

Sydney's appointment was fine. I was able to get a walk-in eye appointment and go back to contacts! Yay. We went to Quizonos for lunch.  Then we got in the car and onto the interstate. We were about 2 feet past the last exit for the town we were in...and my tire goes flat. Ok, fine, I'll change it. Oh, no...NOOOO, of course not. I'd like to get a hold of the previous owner of this car and beat them with a tire iron. They WELDED a freaking HITCH...OVER THE SPARE. You can't get the spare down. (Don't even get me started on why the hell they needed a hitch for a freaking PT Cruiser. What are they towing? A tricycle?)

So...I called a tire company--and a friend (I didn't want to be stuck on the interstate with semi trucks flying by with my child in the car. Let's not even mention that it was 98 degrees outside.) Friend so nicely took us off the highway and to the tire place, where I found out that it was twice as much money to fix as I had on me...and I was out of checks. (Obviously it all worked out because I'm not sleeping on the floor of the tire place.)

The shorter version of this story is that between the two doctor's and the two cars, I'm down about $800 for the day.

Tomorrow, I'm staying home and eating stale Cheetos. I probably won't condition my hair though. No need to ruin a good streak.

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  1. that's not awesome. I mean. . . good blog material, for sure. . . but not awesome. No ma'am . Not awesome at all!