Thursday, August 30, 2012

Don't Take Pills in the Dark

 I took a pill in the dark - and grabbed the wrong bottle and now I'm wide awake, (unfortunately, nothing that will make me want to delete this post in the morning) so...some things that were said in my house tonight:

  • Why is there a sock full of ice in the middle of the kitchen floor?
  • I'm ready for bed. I need your arm.
  • Me: Did you take your insulin?  Emily: Yes. Me: The Lantus? Emily: No, you asked if I took my insulin. Me: o_O
  • Why are you sleeping on top of the nail clippers?
  • Here's your peach, Henry. (the cat)
  • The lasers are hurting my eyes. Stop looking at me.
Oh, also, I colored my hair today. Burgandy. I like it, but it's a little dark and makes my face look extra pasty, even with make up. I actually considered coloring it purple, but I figured that would just assure that my boss would want to meet in person for the first time ever. I chickened out. But I thought I should warn you, in case you're one of the people that I actually see outside of my computer. It's a bit...drastic. ;-)


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  1. this is confusing. I don't like those pills.