Sunday, October 7, 2012

We Walked. We Froze. We Ate. We Bought Jewelry.

Yep, today, Emily and I set out in the icebox that is an Illinois morning for Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes,

It was our first time doing this (obviously), so we weren't sure how close to the 9 a.m. registration time we needed to be there. We didn't need to be there at 9.  We probably could have waited another half hour, but what can I say? I guess we are overachievers. We registered and wandered around for an hour.

They had a booth set up just for Red Striders (walkers with diabetes). They gave her a red flower, a red hat, and a commemorative pin. Walgreens also had a booth with information, first aid kits, frisbees, and pedometers. There was a really cool booth for people that raised $100 or more (Champions) - they got bagels and a free massages from a local spa. We visited every booth, including the silent auction, where, had I won everything I bid on, I'd be broke. ;-) (We bid on Illini football tickets, an Illini basketball/Ribeye package, some 31 purses, and some Lia Sophia jewelry.) Emmy was pretty excited that we won the necklace.  We walked our two laps around Hessel Park and returned to the Pavillion for lunch. After the auction was over, we packed up her goodies and headed to Espresso Royale. .Three hours later, I'm still cold, but it was really fun.

Thank you to everyone who donated.  $460 in 3 months isn't too bad - next time, we'll have a full year! P.S. You can still donate to this year's walk through 10/31/12

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