Monday, January 17, 2011

My Puppy Hates My Blog

She's determined that I won't fulfill my self-promise to post at least three times a week. (Shoot, did I just post that out loud?)

All was going along smoothly, until she bit my laptop cooling fan cord. In half. Now, I honestly don't think that that single event is what led to my hard drive dying, but I do believe it's what led to that whole final straw thing. It had been coming. I knew it. I was in denial. It was showing the signs. But, much as I had ignored it, let's not dwell on such unpleasant things here and just say this: I didn't have to yell at any Geeks - my warranty was honored. My, laptop is undergoing a transplant at the moment. And $99 was a small price to pay for the hard drive recovery that I was oh-so-happy to hear that Mr. Geek Squad was going to be able to do for me.

I've now managed to do to the following things : Fall terribly behind on the project mentioned in my "Hubris" blog post; Alienate my husband with my mocking of his choice of Internet browser (as I quickly downloaded *my* far superior choice of browser :-); frighten the Schwann's delivery man when I told him that if he sold garbage bags I wouldn't have to leave the house today; and have a long talk with the puppy when the UPS man brought me, of all things, my new laptop cooling fan.

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