Thursday, January 13, 2011


It's not very often that I come across something that challenges me.

It's not because I'm brilliant or anything. I just tend to stay in my comfort zone. I take on jobs that center around education, writing, maybe even a little science (as long as we're talking like...middle school-level stuff). Even if I'm interested in a topic, I don't engage in a conversation about it if there's the slightest chance that I might sound like an idiot.

This doesn't mean that I don't often sound like an idiot about the things I think I know about, I'm just saying that I avoid doing so on purpose.

A few days ago I agreed to take on a job that was just outside of my comfort zone. I think I have an ulcer. Ok, maybe not, but I have spent a few sleepless nights and overly dramatic days wondering why on earth I would do such a thing and ohmygoshimsuchafailure! I finally figured it out today - as you probably guess, it wasn't that big of a deal. (I can be a *bit* emotionally high-maintainence-- or so I'm told).

I think it's good to get knocked off your pedestal every now and then. It makes you appreciate the things that come easily to you. So, go out and challenge yourself today. :-)


  1. Would it be rude of me to say "I told you so?". ;)

    Unfortunately my pedestal was wiped out from under my feet last week. However I will take your advice and challenge myself to get off the couch for more than a potty break today. Does that count?