Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Year Old Diva

So, my recently-turned-two year old, Sophia, just came into my office with a bottle of nail polish requesting to have her nails painted. That wasn't all that strange. She likes to have her nails painted. She's a girly-girl and anything her Nee-Nee likes, shes likes. (Nee-Nee, for those just joining us, is her 12 year-old sister, Sydney). Now, the nailpolish *was* Wicked green, but, again, it was Sydney's so, no surprises there. I painted her nails. She wanted her toes done too. I showed her that Nee-Nee had done that for her last night. She gave me that look that my husband says she gets from me and Ihavenoideawhathemeans.

I went back to wor...and here she comes with a baby wipe and a bottle of nail polish remover.

First, we worked on the fingers.

Then we worked on the toes.

Once I had removed the polish to her satisfaction (which means, when she decided that she was done standing still,) she took the bottles back and replaced them back on the bathroom counter.

Now, she's dancing around the living room in a pair of too-big jazz shoes and a tu-tu and saying, "Mommy! Needle!"

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