Thursday, February 3, 2011

This Posting is Not About The Weather

I'm pretty sure everyone I know is about to stab themselves in the eye every time they see the "s" word.  Besides, if you look at my laundry pile, you'll see that I firmly believe that if you ignore something long enough, it'll go away.

Nope, this space is reserved for a list of rants I've been saving up.  I know what  you're thinking...She actually holds some back?

#1 Jewelry Commercials - one brand in particular, but generally, they're just sappy.  And stupid.  And so completely out of touch with reality.  Anyone who actually appears to act like that probably has people buried in their backyard.

#2 My Neighbors - This one is fairly documented.  But let's just say that two days ago, they asked to borrow my ice scraper.  I said no because, among a multitude of other reasons that I wouldn't loan them a d*mned thing, it was stuck in my igloo of a car.  My punishment?  They stole my shovel.

#3 People Who Make Lists of Things That Annoy Them As If Anyone Really Cares - oops :-)

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