Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dance Moms and Tiaras

My friends (and family) whose kids don't dance think I'm crazy.

Sometimes they tell me so.

Sometimes they just give me that "look."  My dance parent friends know what look I'm talking about.

But this is what I do for my daughter.

23 miles each way.  Twice a week.  August-June.

Costumes. Deposits.  Jewelry. Tights. Make up.

Sitting on a cold floor for HOURS while she practices (because I'm not driving all the way home).

Being double booked with Anime Conventions.

Monthly tuition.

Late nights helping with homework.  My own late nights working.

Shoes.  Trips to St. Louis for shoes that don't fit.  Trips to Champaign for shoes that do.


Crazy people throwing our kids stuff on the floors in the dressing rooms.

Driving in construction.  And around marathons.

I'd do it everyday for the look on her face when she dances.

* These Four Walls by Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons
**video taken by her dad, Jason Mills

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  1. I agree! Thankfully, our studio is just 5 miles from home. I can't hear the music, but she looks great!

    I wonder if we'll see you at a competition in May...?