Friday, May 6, 2011

The One In Which Crystal Cannot Catch A Break

So, this is my "good" ankle.  The one I've never broken.  The one that had the least damage when I sprained both of them in a car wreck four years ago.  The healthy ankle.  There's usually a bone there.  Right now I can make a dent in it about a half inch deep.  *sigh*

Last week, when my knee started feeling better, I started running again...slowly, and in small bits.  But I noticed that my ankle felt tight.  I figured it just needed some stretching.  Two days ago when I ran, it hurt a lot, but as is my habit that regularly gets me in trouble, I ignored the thing I didn't want to acknowledge.

Last night, even though I had stayed off of it all day, I noticed how swollen it was. Today, I tried to run anyway.  Yeah, I know.  Anyway, ten minutes (only two of them even running) and I decided enough was enough.    I opted for the bike - that didn't seem to hurt as much.

I'll take Saturday and Sunday off and only do the bike next week.  I promise. Because as stubborn as I am, I'm not so much for the pain.

But really...I make an honest effort to be healthier and it's one thing after another. I  mean, I'm ONLY 20, er, 25, er...we won't discuss it.  But still...I'm not THAT old.  I shouldn't be falling apart just yet.


  1. Hope it's better soon! The ads on the right match your pain. ;)