Monday, June 13, 2011

A Sloth On The Road

I went to Paducah again.  No tornadoes time.  However, a little wind may have assisted me in getting us where we were going a little faster.

I did find some things out.  I found out, that while I may be a sloth, I am not the slowest moving creature on the planet.  My sister is. (...but then again, if she's my sister, she's at least part sloth, right?)  But at least she pretended to have a sense of humor while I harassed her endlessly about how amazingly long it takes her to...well, do anything. :-)  Of course, I'm a tiny bit impatient too.  Or some have said.

I found out that Rat Terriers do not, in fact, enjoy Pop Rocks as much as I do.

I learned that I like oysters.  They were cooked and everything.  Even with all of the weird stuff I eat, I'm not sure I'm ready to go there.  But I had some "assorted baked seafoods" dish that included two kinds of oysters and...yum.  And I didn't even get the one with bacon.

I discovered that my mom will probably never read my blog because she asked me questions about the Internet such as "Does it cost to use Google?" and "Can someone see my house because I have email?"  There's more, but I think I have enough for a whole blog post, so you'll just have to wait.

I learned how much liquid a 5 year old bladder can hold and for how long. (Answer: not much, and not very).

And finally, I discovered that the reason people put up really odd "no trespassing" signs in their yards is probably because people trespass in their yards and steal them. (No, we did not.  I was not willing to bail anyone out of jail.  Nor am I trained to attend to gunshot wounds).  But the sign in question - which read: "If you are lost, do not turn around here.  No trespassing" - was no longer there when we drove by again (so that Sonja could take a picture).

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