Monday, June 20, 2011

A Sloth Trudges Back To The Gym

All that NyQuil, infection must have really clogged up my lungs because, wow, that was hard.  It's been three weeks and three days since I set foot in the gym.  I tried to go on Saturday.  I really did.  But, to quote Sophia, "Bad gym!" They changed the playroom hours for summer (and didn't post them online) so we were too late.  She was slightly more disappointed than I was.

I did my weight program.  That went ok.  I don't think I really lost anything there.  Then I got on the bike.  Oh, the bike.  I knew better than to even try to run.  After my (unplanned) walk in the park on Saturday, I knew that sitting would be best.  I programmed a 20 minute interval workout.  I was doing ok.  And then the guy next to me did what he was supposed to do and cleaned his treadmill after use.  My chest started getting tight.  I coughed through it.  Then the man child  on the other side of me bathed his bike in the stuff.  Aaaaannnd the bike ride was over.  10 minutes.  Bleh.

If I can move, I'll go back again tomorrow. Maybe I'll go during the day when there are fewer people (although the gaggle of testosterone-laden man-boys was amusing.  If they had feathers, they would have been preening them for each other.)  That August 5K is creeping closer and closer.

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