Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yes, I'm Still Coughing. No, I Have Not Gone To The Doctor.

I figured I should get that out of the way since strangers are starting to ask me if I've been to the doctor yet.  

My excuse on Tuesday was that I didn't have time.  I didn't.  Yesterday, I didn't feel like driving to the doctor and to dance as they are in opposite directions.  And as much as I despise picture night, going to the doctor is even further down on the list.

Actually, I did go to the doctor this morning.  Sort of.  I had blood drawn for an appointment next Tuesday.  That counts, right? 

I really, honestly think I just have a cold - even if I sound way worse than that.  If I'm still coughing on Tuesday, I'll inform the doctor that at that point, I will have been coughing for roughly 2,323 hours.  Give or take.

And I do feel better than I did.  I still feel like I'm walking through Jello and the room gets all spinny and stuff when I walk around - but that could just be the vodka* NyQuil congestion.  

*I don't really drink vodka...but I'm writing to an audience here.


  1. Пойдите к доктору!

  2. Well you are in luck because the ad I'm seeing on the right is for online doctor visits. How cool is that? Available by phone, email, or video. We all know how you are about talking on the phone, so that leaves two options....... Hey- video would be really cool. Open your mouth and say AHHH! It says they're available anytime. Problem solved. :)