Friday, July 1, 2011

Being lazy should not be this hard.

If you happen to work at the cable company, the bank, or McDonald's - then you saw me this morning and probably thought, "she could have at least brushed her hair."  Sadly, I did.  I think I must have used the dog's brush though because when I got home and walked past the full length mirrors on the closet doors in the entryway, I was a little scared myself.

I went to bed around one.  Cody Sloth woke me up at 3:50, worried that we'd oversleep for his 4:30 drop-off at my dad's house (which is about three tenths of a mile away).  I got back to bed around 5:30.  Fia Sloth woke at 7:30.  I remembered my cable bill at 7:45 and Sophia asked for breakfast at 7:46, so off we went.  However, I looked like the first wave of the zombie apocalypse.
Don't get me wrong.  I've never been one of those "I can't leave the house without my face on" people.  I'm more of a "I hope I don't leave the house without my pants on" kind of person.

I've just never had time for all of that stuff...what with sleeping until the last possible second before I have to get up and all that taking precedence.  That's why I never even bothered with breakfast.  When I was teaching, I might have eaten a granola bar in the car on the way to work.    Now, I work from home, but with a Fia Sloth running around...well...I just spent the last 15 minutes vacuuming up an entire container of sea salt off of the kitchen floor.  And all of this because I had the nerve to change clothes.  I'm really hoping for a shower today.  Maybe when Mr. Sloth gets home.  (Dancer Sloth is having a day with her grandma and Emily Sloth just isn't old enough to keep track of the little beast darling for the entire six minutes I need for the shower).

I just remembered, I need to give the dog a bath.  It's probably a good thing I waited.

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  1. Oh yes...the elusive shower. Two year olds and showers are really a paradox of sorts.