Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cody Sloth Goes To Maine - Part II

Cody forgot to charge the phone. He was certain that the battery was going to die, so I didn't get as many texts on Saturday as I did on Friday.   So, I'm combining Saturday's travels with his first full day in Maine on Sunday.

And because I waited so long to do this, the time stamps didn't save on my phone.  Boo.


4:14  a.m. (He was an hour ahead of me, at this point.  I'll give him that.)
Mornin mom.
New York yay its foggy
U awake
New york state is pretty (with pic)
Some guy ahead of us hit a deer with his motorcyle the guy walked away the deer wasn't so fortunate

Sometime around 8 (I believe, because that's when I woke up and started responding to him)
From now on, the scenery is worth staying awake for.
Yeah lol we gettin closer I can feel it with the force

I mistook a post by a family member on FB about her children who also happened to be in New York, thinking she was referring to my dad and grandfather - about paying a toll.  I asked Cody about it - and while it wasn't them that Vicki was referring to, my dad did encounter some toll roads.  This is what Cody had to say about it:

he ticked off the british lady gps by goin around
he went around the toll?
yeah freakin funny (I'm assuming that he just took another road.  I hope)
I can't wait to get there.
You still have awhile.

We in Vermont.  Battery gonna die.
Where are you at now?
Brattleburough (his spelling lol)
Cool.  Way better than Ohio, huh?
And dude, maple candy.
Yes, very beautiful.  Just as uncomfortable in car tho.

Up by Mt. Washington now.
its very pretty up here
yah. I can now say illinois sucks

i'm bored lol wanna get to cabin see something new. mountains are cool, but prolly not wanna stare all day
you're so funny
I know and I use that to my advantage

around 9 p.m or so
no t.v. but right next to lake, very nice

I was informed this morning that Lori is bringing him a t.v. to use.

Eating breakfast on the deck.  - with above picture
I responded with "eating breakfast in grandma's living room" and sent him a pic of the couch.

They went fishing, he met some family, got a new pocketknife, and he caught some fish.  I told him, he is never going to want to leave.  His response?

Yah i am lol just i think i might be able to last the 2 weeks

So glad he's having fun. :-)

p.s. The fish bit him.

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