Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cody Sloth Goes To Maine - Part III

As expected, Cody's texts slowed waaaaay down once he actually got to Maine.  But I do have a few highlights to share with you.

We last left off the day after Cody had arrived.  He'd been fishing.  The fish bit him.  He's my kid.

What's up?
I am texting you hangin upside down on the couch.

Lori brought a t.v. for Cody.  He sent me a message, "Tv won't work" - it turns out that it wasn't the t.v. that wouldn't work.  It was his x-box. He needed an adapter.  So, of course, Grandma and Grandpa took him to get one.  It still wouldn't work.  He took it back to the store, only to find out that he hadn't plugged it in.  He's my kid.

He sent several pictures of items that he may or may not have been bringing home from gift shops.

I sent him a picture of the Ohio River.  He sent a picture of the lake he was on and said, "Mine's bigger."  While, yes, Moosehead Lake is pretty darned big, I think the Ohio wins that one.  However, he probably thought it was a picture of Kentucky Lake.

His response? "Yeah, but mine has mountains is is called Moosehead"

Ok, he wins.

Still haven't seen any meese.
Just saw a sign that said antiques new and used.

next day...
I'm watching a moose its too far away to get a good pic tho
Then a picture of Mt. Katahdin.
Now 2 meese or mooses or mouse
And then I get this picture.  Taken from his PHONE.  His phone that does NOT have a zoom.

when grandpa starts to fall asleep on the road i hit him with a slim jim and say snap into a slim jim

Yesterday, he was complaining that it was 85-90 degrees and "really sticky" there.  The heat index at home was 110.

He sent a picture of a stuffed lobster that I thought was a real lobster and was a little creeped out because it was looking at me.  Later he sent a picture of his actual dinner.  And then I was jealous. He also sent a picture of a lobster magnet that he bought me.  I told him it would be kinda chewy.

And finally, my favorite text of today: "been antique shopping all day...blah...taking consecutive naps lol"

He'll be home Saturday night. I can't wait!!!

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  1. Lol too funny. Just the giggle I needed for today.