Monday, July 25, 2011

Katy Perry's "TGIF" meets "My Wild Life"

To the tune of Katy Perry's "T.G.I.F"  (Lyrics here)

There’s a toddler in my bed
There’s a starburst on my head
Crayons all over the room
Oh, no, what’s that in the pool?

I smell like a wet diaper
Dog just ran out of the yard
No time for barbecue
Is this chocolate or is it poop?

Pictures of my kids posted online, How cute!, go look
They’re all safe for work cause I’m pretty sure we’re  tame, (yeah!)

My Wild Life
Yeah, we drove an hour to dance
And we bought some potted plants
Think the baby wet her pants.
My Wild Life

Threw a fit inside the store
And got kicked out of the Gap
So we hit the Pizza Hut

My Wild Life
We went swinging in the park
Firefly Catching in the dark
Then had an ice cream cone
My Wild Life

Mom, I think we killed the cat
I told you not to do that aaat owwhoaa

My Wild Life, (do it all again)
My Wild Life, (do it all again)

Trying to vacuum the house
Don’t know what to tell my spouse
Think the neighbors mowed their yard
Cheerios are on the floor
Cat peed on my only dress
Time to study for a test!
Think I need a glass of wine
This is such a hectic time
(and repeat chorus J )


  1. OMG Crystal this is great! My kids are going to love it! - Beth

  2. Oops that was me, Margaret. Too lazy to sign out of her account.

  3. Oh wow. I haven't read it yet. I promise to do so as soon as I recover from watching the video. That was uh....interesting!