Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dance Moms Totally Stole My Idea

And my title was way better.  You see, my original intent was to write a post about what it can be like at competitions because, well, people can be CAH RAY ZEE!  I mean, the stress of getting there on time, gluing eyelashes on an uncooperative kid, and fast costume changes gets to even the most mild-mannered people.  But there are some who just have a whole lot of nuts in their jar to begin with - and they all come spilling out at these competitions.

However, while this show is over. the. top. brimming with loopiness and  I don't feel that it paints an accurate depiction of what it's like to be on or have your daughter on a competition dance team (then again, I didn't really expect such a thing out of a "reality" show).  But it sure is fun to watch.   It's kinda like watching a Nascar race just for the wrecks.

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  1. or watching ice skating and waiting for them to fall...