Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do Sloths Swim?

I should probably research that.

Oh wait, I guess they do.

So, after I whined all morning about how I had more work to do than I could wrap my head around and complained about how bad my ankle hurts when I walk, I decided an afternoon trip to the mall with my sister would be in order.

The skies were darkening as we made our way down one side of the outlet mall.  As we left Claire's to cross the parking lot, it was raining, fairly steadily, but not too bad.   We finished shopping there and were about to cross over before we got to the "Crystal has too many kids to shop in those stores" section.  It's  a pretty good distance from the corner that we were on and Old Navy.  Oh, and the rain had picked up.  Considerably.

Kayla offered to go get the van.  I need to say that so she doesn't sound so evil in the coming paragraph. ;-) The last thing I heard her say was "don't slip on your flip flops in this rain."  The water was, by this point, up to the curb.  My flip flop slipped off and started floating down the street.  It's still pouring.  I got my shoe and Kayla was gone...She took her shoes off and was running across the lot.  My ankle is killing me, so I decided that running in flip flops = maybe not such a good idea.

Now it's raining so hard I can hardly see Kayla.  And it occurs to me that the giant bag FULL of very  heavy items from Bath  & Body Works is, um...not plastic.  At about that moment, it breaks, spilling all of my stuff onto the parking lot.  Still raining.  I picked up almost all of my items (someone gets some free hand sanitizer from the parking lot!! oxymoron?) and finally make it over to Old Navy.

The employees are, as anyone would, staring at me. I am literally wringing out my shirt.  There is not a dry spot anywhere to dry my glasses.  Kayla was trying to take a picture.  It's a good thing her memory was full, or I'd have had to break her phone.

 So, does Kayla want to go home?  Oh, no!  Let's go into Old Navy.

They immediately told us that they had beach towels on clearance.  ha.  I picked up a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt and asked if I could put them on in the dressing room after I bought them.  They were nice enough to let me put them on first and bring them the tags.  But, no, this is not the end of the story.  It's me.  It can't be.

My bra has also gotten soaked, so when I put on the light grey t-shirt...well, by the time I got to the register, I looked like a lactating mother.  The sales girl said, "no offense, but we do sell sports bras too."  ha.  I just said, "I think that ship has sailed."

At least  Sophia got a cute hat.  And you know, I needed another pair of yoga pants.  It's office attire when you work from home.

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  1. lol! That sucks.. but hopefully tomorrow you get how funny this story is!