Saturday, August 27, 2011

Honorary Sloth Daughter

I need another kid anyway, right?

Sydney has been dancing with the same girls and coaches/teachers since she was barely 4 years old.  The majority of the girls that she dances with now are a few years older than her, so she didn't start out with them, but we've known them for what feels like all of her life.  Those girls are part of our family.  I get angry when someone wrongs them.  I'm happy for them when something exciting and positive happens for them.  When I say, "our girls" or "our team" - that's what I mean.

There is one young lady, in particular though, that I'm pretty sure, may actually be mine.  She's awfully close in age to's possible... I'm thinking there was some electrical storm when she was born or something...insert your own science fiction theory here.

First of all, she can dance.  She's quite a talented dancer, actually. I've decided that since Sydney can dance and Sophia can bust a little move, and I am the common link between those two, that I am a dance-gene carrier.  Therefore, Shelby inherited this ability from me in the lightning storm.

Shelby walks into walls.  Yes, I've seen her do it.  I saw her walk into a glass divider window right next to an open door.  These are things that some might suggest would be something that maybe I might do.

She gets really confused while driving.  I've specifically requested that her real live birth mother (who I also adore) get her a GPS for her birthday.  And then only let her drive around the block.  Yes, Shelby, 57 goes both north and south.  Also, that road goes both to Arcola and to Oakland.  Let's just say that I've lived in this area for 20 years now...and I used my GPS to get to her mom's house.  In Arcola.

Shelby doesn't take crap from anybody and she speaks her mind.  If she's got something to say, she says it.  I don't think she's developed that filter that she needs to survive as an adult (what teenager has?) - but it's part of what makes her so cool.  At least in my book. :-)

Besides that,  the girl is funny.  Plain and simple.  Sydney and I rode with her family to and from the WNBA Fever game in Indy.  And I think I laughed the entire way home.  This is also when I informed her that I'd be writing a blog post about her. Oh and according to Sydney, Shelby thinks I'm funny, so that's a point in her favor, obviously.
Welcome to the Sloth family, other daughter. :-)

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