Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Sloth Is Strong In This One

I'm too tired, lazy, insert-your-own adjective here, to actually write a blog post today.  But the Russians are waiting.

One of my darling little Sloth children attended an intensive workshop at her dance studio, Exclusively Dance - hosted by Dance Rogue.  She had two days of choreography and two days of intensive workshops.  I believe the final count was 38 hours in four days.  During the school year, she dances about 6 hours a week.  I suck at math, but I'm pretty sure that's 24 hours a month.  She did this in one weekend.  She and her teammates - right down to the tiny little 7 year old - are rocks stars in my book.  Speaking of those little ones - all three of them made it through three days of this (Sydney and a few other teammates had an extra day for choreo) - and they KEPT. RIGHT. UP. with those older girls.  I was just as proud of them as their own mamas were.

Emily should get some mention here because while we did go out and do some other things, she spent many hours in that dance studio - and she survived :-)  It's really not her thing.  She did draw some awesome renditions of Perry the Platypus though.

Shoot...I wasn't going to actually write a post, was I?  I really just intended to show you a few pictures - none of which I took because I only thought to take a picture once.

The girls with Mo Dizzle (Morgan Williams).  This man is an incredible dancer and choreographer.  He was on season 3 of "So You Think You Can Dance" - he made it to Vegas.  And, goodness, he's tall.  

The girls and coaches with Charles Lawrence, the founder of Dance Rogue.  He taught our ballet dancers how to dance hip hop!
I guess this can still be considered a Slothful post.  It was pretty easy to brag on these kids.  No effort involved. ;-)

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