Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Forgot To Add A Title

After the craptastic week I had last week*, I'm really hoping to get off to a better start for this one.

So far, it's looking a lot better (not that it would have taken a huge effort for it to get to 'better' status.)  The dog did get out again this morning.  Some girls of mine are going to have some 'splaning to do, Lucy.  But, this time Mr.Sloth was home, and I can only assume that he had a much easier time chasing her down because he was home in significantly less time than I was when I had to do the same thing.

Speaking of my dog chasing extravaganza, it's, um... nice to live a in town where everyone knows you.  At the hog roast this weekend, I got to hear from several people how some neighbors of ours enjoyed the show.  C actually woke up her husband B to watch the show. I think next time, I'll charge admission. :)

Granted, it's only Tuesday, but no one I love has died.  I think all of my professional-life-related-so-can't-blog-about-them issues are resolved.  And we have at least a 3 day supply of popsicles in the house. (Ask Fia Sloth.  Her obsession with those things rivals my obsession with bacon.)

*Something cool and good did happen last week.  I won a Facebook contest sponsored by VIP Dance, one of the competitions my kid is going to this year - and won a $75 gift certificate.  That kind of made my day.


  1. I'll admit.. after I saw your fb post on chasing your dog I conveniently had to take Titan into the first yard.. But I missed the show.. :(