Sunday, October 9, 2011

Help a Sloth, Win a Tutu

It's not that I'm too lazy to do this, it's just that...ok, I'm too lazy.

So, I've been making tutus.  It started with making them for my Fia Sloth because she loves them. Then it progressed into making one for "other daughter."  And then, (I may be getting the timeline messed up here.  I'm starting to see tulle in my sleep) my sister talked me into doing a craft fair type thing with her.  And somehow or other, I find myself ready to give etsy a shot.

So, here's the thing.  I need to give this shop a name.  And I have no freaking clue what to name it.  If you help me and I choose yours, you'll get a free tutu (the ones I'm making now fit newborns through size 4-5T - or you know, a small, well-mannered dog.)

Leave a comment below (if I don't know you, please fill in the email addy so I can get ahold of you if you win).


  1. No pet and my daughter is a little over six now, so consider these pro-bono (and you might hate them anyway)...

    Tu Tu Tudeo

    Frills to Waist

    Ballerina Gallerina

  2. star tutus
    tutus galore
    Fia's tutus

  3. Fabulous Fia's (tutus with sass)

  4. Fia's Frills
    Frills for Fia
    Fuffu's for Fia
    Too Too Tutus
    Tutus for Fia and Fido, too
    Tutus for You...

  5. I think Cara's Butt Ruffles should win. That would be hilarious!

  6. Ok, we have:
    Spinz or Spinnerz
    Fluffy buttz or bottoms
    Daughter says the "Z" makes it cool. And she says it would be amazing to wear one of ur Tutu's to practice. Lol!

  7. Tutu Butt Frills
    Frilly Butt Tutu
    Terrible Twos Tutus
    Terrific Tutus
    Taunting Tutus
    Terrific Taunting Terrible Tutus in Twos
    Or you could just say 'Tutus' and be done with it. :P
    I second the Butt Ruffles title. Love it!
    If I win, I'll donate my Tutu back to you. I only have sons and big dogs and I think my cats would use me as a scratching post if I attempted to dress them. Although the squirrels around here might like them.