Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stabby Sloth

1. The feeling of stabbing someone or something with a sharp object with the intent of causing bodily harm.
2. To relieve stress
3. Punishment for being a dipshit

 At 7:30 a.m. I was already sending angry emails to people.  In a nutshell, person seems irritated at his project assignment, so chooses to blow it off.  Unfortunately for person, I keep records of all email conversations. And while I can't remember what I ate for dinner last night, I remember things related to my work.  I know that he didn't do what he said he was going to do.  And if person doesn't respond to my email by noon, I'll be calling him. I think we all know how I feel about talking on the phone.

At 8 a.m., I was helping a kid with homework that she didn't get finished last night. Kid's fault.  She's home because I need to take her to the doctor to have her wrist looked at.  I just took the boy to the doctor yesterday to have his twisted ankle looked at.  I'm sure that will go over well.

While I'm helping kid with a ton of homework, I'm keeping in mind that my kid probably just didn't focus enough to get it done in school and/or chose to take advantage of Mr. Sloth last night and say that she didn't need to do it until I got home (at 9 p.m.)  Until I saw the volume of work she had to do.  She's in 5th grade.

And then, we got to her math.  It's a worksheet.  She has to copy the problems from the worksheet onto another sheet of paper, work them out, and then write the answers on the worksheet.  There's room on the worksheet to work.  Apparently, teacher likes to add busy work to the pile of homework.  No wonder she's having trouble keeping up this year. (Has been a straight A student up to this year...and it has not gone unnoticed that her best grades are in another teacher's class).

9:30 a.m. my email has not been answered.  She's still doing homework.  And, of course, now missing more work at school because it's taking forever to even get her ready for the doctor.

The only light in my tunnel is that there's no way I'll be writing a post about the dog getting out because she's at Dogs By Design for the weekend so we can go to a wedding.

Now, I have to put on my filter so I can start working.  If you see smoke coming from my ears today, it's because my filter is melting.  Please do not pour water on a melting filter.  Only wine will help.


  1. I'm feeling particularly stabby today myself, so here's hoping to both our days getting better. Hope her wrist is ok!

  2. Wow, that all just sucks. Good luck getting through it all!