Thursday, November 3, 2011

Could I Be Anymore Lazy?

And the answer is... yes, yes, I could.

Ok, so I haven't really been lazy.  That's a lie.  I have. I've just been busy.  And I haven't written.  I've been so lazy about writing that my last post was a repost.  Then, today, I tweeted  an old post titled, "Do Hospitals Give Frequent Flyer Miles?"  So...go read that.  Because there will be a follow up. Why?  Well, (and this is where you hear why while I've been lazy, I just haven't had time to do that ME thing that I do which is this blog.)

I"m rambling.

Oh the past few weeks, Cody sprained his ankle (mild).  Emily fell at school because she didn't tie her shoe.  (Yes, she is my child.) She hurt her wrist.  After no one (none of her parents, teachers, nurse, siblings, friends) believed her that it was hurt all that badly..I took her to the doctor and long story short-ish, she has a stress fracture in her growth plate.  Sydney was sick last Friday.

Emily should be out of the cast on Wednesday.  Greg is having outpatient surgery* on Thursday.  Friday, I have a 6 month check-up with my doctor. And the following Monday, Cody has to go to Children's in STL for a consult about something**.

The point being that all of these things have required multiple visits and x-rays and blood draws and, well, I'm getting a lot of material. Weird people in waiting rooms. Long appointments, that sort of thing.

The bigger message here is: Send wine.  No bottles.  I'm talking barrels.   And follow me on Twitter so you can entertain me while I sit in waiting rooms.

*Greg - There's sawing of bones so I don't want to talk about it.
**Cody - I'll fill you in if there's something to tell. Which we're, of course, hoping there is not.

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