Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Sloth's Eve

I've got big plans.  A night on the...ok, I'm staying home.

I was going to go see elsinore play.  However, I decided that since it is my weekend with my kids, I'd stay home and save that expense for Cory Chisel in February. He's not in this area much anymore, so I'm not going to miss that.

Sydney and I went shopping tonight and bought all kinds of stuff: crab cakes, lobster cakes, meatballs, those little cocktail weenie things, stuff for cheeseball, sparkling grape juice, and all that fun stuff.  We also picked out a board game that all of us can play (well, except maybe Fia).

This is where most people would say "ten years ago I'd have been out on the town" -- but no, that's not me.  I've only been "out" on NYE a few times and while I always had a fabulous time, it's just not something I'm feeling this year.  

So, you know, I'll be at the table playing Uno with the kids.  And on Twitter.  Always on Twitter.  And maybe Facebook.  That is if everyone I know has resolved to stop whining about the timeline for the new year.

1 comment:

  1. Sense it isnt Jan 1 I am complaining . I cant even get the new timeline. Stupid timeline it was easy to do in my other FB account (ok my daughter did it for me). We are staying home to party with my daughter and her friends. (hubs and I are grounded to the basement)
    Happy New Year!