Monday, January 9, 2012

Rainbows and Fluffy Bunnies and Cupcakes and Unicorns

Nope.  No more snark from me.  I'm going to post about happy things!  You know, like the title says...rainbows...and bunnies.. and
Ok, I can't even keep it up for a whole paragraph.  No, I won't be posting about cupcakes.  Well, unless you want to send me a cupcake.  I could write about that.
I've joined Twitter two years ago.  I started using Twitter about six months ago.  I started mostly so I could network with other writers.  I've found an unexpected benefit of "meeting" some really cool people on there (some writers, some not) and any of my "mommyboard" peeps will tell you that I am well aware of the real people behind the computer screen - and know that online friends can be real friends too.  So, Twitter has been awesome in that way.
I've also found some really great blogs.  My reader is growing quite full. Someday soon*, I'm going to update that little blog roll thingy over there ----------->>>
*By soon I mean when I get around to it.
But you know, with the good comes the bad.  I'm not going to flat out call someone's blog bad - because with all writing, it's about what you're into. And you know, for all I know, I lost you up there at rainbow bunnies.   Me, I prefer those that make me laugh and preferably keep it relatively short and sweet.  Because let's face it, I have the attention span of a gnat.  However, while a typo here and there is gonna happen, run a quick spell check, ya know?  It won't hurt.  Doesn't cost you anything.  And then you don't look like a total moron.
However, I have encountered some that no amount of spell check will fix.  It's not necessarily  the writing or the design (although I've seen some lately that look like Myspace threw up on them.)   It's just that they're so freaking chipper.  I mean, I'm a pretty happy person.  But I don't feel like I need to take out a billboard ad announcing such.  It seems to me that those people who are just so in-your-face "look at me, us, my life whatever!  Everything about my life is wonderful and sparkly! Fluffy kittens lick my face clean each morning!" are really crying out that things are either really messed up or they have a doc who passes out meds like skittles.
Of course, this doesn't just apply to bloggers.  I have a few friends people on my Facebook page like that too.  For this, I'm pretty happy about that whole adjusting-the-amount-of-info-you-see from each person feature.
Anyway, if you're looking for cute and sweet, you should probably go somewhere else.  But if you're looking for stories of a *insert my fixation of the week* addict's stories about falling off of treadmills and you don't mind the occasional NyQuil-laced posting, grab a Cheeto and stick around.


  1. I hear you! I really don't want to hear all about someone's perfect life. It only hammers home what a loony bin I live in. Bring on crazy town.

  2. *passes Crystal a cupcake....*

  3. I am actually surprised this is the first I've heard about this. It's like you've been keeping thoughts to yourself or something.

  4. I'm going to be snazzy and smart. Watch me + this!

  5. It's my blog isn't it??!!! YOU HATE MY BLOG!!!! *cries uncontrollably*