Monday, March 5, 2012

Much Has Changed in Slothville

I came across this:

One of the few things that is still current: my email address.

Last name: changed.

Profession: changed (for now, anyway)

I still live in Tuscola with my husband.  But it's not the same one. lol  And now I have four kids, well, six really because with the new husband came two step kids.  I still have three cats and one dog. They aren't the same cats or dog. (and the one cat is still being held captive by the idiot down the block.)

I do still like Snoopy, but probably not to the degree that I'd list him on my blog...then again, it was a 6th grade teaching blog. ;-)

Duke will always be my favorite team.  But I do not want to talk about this past weekend's game against UNC.

I still like Kenny, but that year I discovered "indie" and "local music" and I've never turned back.  Now, well, it's elsinore.  And Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons.  And Ben Folds. And ... Do I have to pick ONE?

I haven't touched my stamping stuff since my divorce.  That event sucked all evidence of domesticity right out of me.

I would enjoy a trip to Key West, though.  However, now that my  oldest two are teenagers,  I feel like I'm grasping for days, so I don't know that I could do long trip without them.

Oh, also.  I get people to make me cool graphics for my blog now because that...well, that was special.


  1. I like your taste in music. And I'm thinking maybe I need to make a road trip to go demand that cat be returned.

  2. heh. . . rubber stamping. . .