Monday, June 18, 2012

Emily Sloth Sure Was Desperate For Attention

I'm going to apologize for the typos right away. My keyboard needs cleaned, so keys are sticking.  There's also that "haven't slept much in three days" thing.

So...E hasn't been feeling well.  The past few days, especially, I'd noticed that she was sleeping a lot, but up a lot to use the bathroom and get drinks.  She was complaining of a headache too.  She slept until about 3 on Saturday, then went to her grandma's for a cookout and came home super thirsty. She was in the kitchen every 5-10 minutes and using the bathroom almost as often.

Something finally clicked - shortly after her dad and I got married (which I calculated happened 18 years ago....good lord lol) anyway, he had these symptoms and was admitted to the hospital with a blood sugar over 900.

I had a meter of my own at home (although, I am not diabetic) and tested her.  First reading read, 'hi"  - I tested myself 106 and did a control - normal.  I tested her again... 'hi"

  I called her dad (it was about 1 a.m. and he was out on his boat) - let him know what was going on, etc. to the ER we went.  They tried the finger stick and it just read "over 500." A blood draw said her sugar was 866!!!! (normal for her age should be 70-150)

Needless to say, she was admitted.  It's now around noon on Monday.  We are working on learning how to gauge how much insulin she needs.  She will be responsible for giving herself injections at lunch at school and she has to test her own blood sugar.  She's done the testing.  She's not ready to try the injection herself yet.  However, she doesn't even flinch when she gets blood drawn or a shot. She even watches!  She's a trooper.

We won't know if she'll be released today yet.  She had high sugars overnight, so they are trying to get that under control.

That's all I know for now - but I keep answering the same questions, telling the same story over and over, so I figured I'd put it into once place.

I'll update more later. 


  1. how scary for her and for you! I'm so impressed that you knew what to look for & what to do--she's a very lucky girl to have such a sharp mom :). (((hugs))) for you both <3

  2. Much love to Miss Emily Sloth. And you too.

  3. You're a wise momma, and she's a brave girl!!

  4. Tell her this is proof that she's one sweet girl! Thinking of you all...