Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Sloth Gets A Root Canal

At the beginning of May, I took a bite of chocolate frosting and my tooth just crumbled like a rock slide on a mountainside
Long story...eh...not that short, it took forever for me to have a time I could get to the dentist when all of the appropriate people would be there.  That happened yesterday.
Crystal's First Root Canal (I'm leaving the pictures as links because...well, I am).
I was terrified.  But Twitter kept me company.  A sampling of my day is below: #rootcanaltweets

.Oh, I don't want to do this 

That's not glitter, that's fear in my eyes

Lisa then said, "Run" but...

 I would, but I already paid lol

Omg this dentist is loud, happy, & obnoxious. I may stab him

Overheard: we don't want no prick.

God I hope I can tweet while they work

Wtf is all that?     http://instagr.am/p/Lvu1uTyFne/

They keep bringing in more stuff  http://instagr.am/p/Lvu6jCSFnh/

Well, I think I broke the tv 
 oh, ha! I'd just turned it off

But I get a fancy paper bib  http://instagr.am/p/LvvwERSFn6/

Assistant: are you nervous? Me: yes. Her: why? Me: stab

They should call this a glitter unicorn procedure because that doesn't sound as scary 

Oh god, he told her to make sure the turbo motor was in here!!!!!!!

I hope they know this is going to be live tweeted

They do now. They're laughing about it & saying they should be on good behavior. 

I told them i was Tweeting their every move. I think it scared them. ;-)

 look! Friends!

I have a stick in my mouth. My face is going numb. 

Assistant does not have a twitter. We can't be friends.

 I wore running shoes on case I have to make a quick getaway 

He buttered me up by telling me he liked my glitter eyeliner before he shoved a needle into my gums 

 but I get to hold Mr. Thirsty

Dentist is singing ebony &; ivory in the next room. Save some nitrous for me, guy. 

My face has slid off my skull & is now in a puddle on the floor.

They'd better get this done before friends is over

I'm thinking about Root canal  

Hiding in the barhroom  no, really

mah wip feews funneh

Seriously, the singing has stopped & he's nowhere to be found. I fear I'm about to be murdered. 

Great...asst goes by & says "I feel like I'm on crack"

I smell burning. Is that normal? 

I was told by a Twitter-peep that is is.  It was just the BONE BURNING!!!! Nobigdeal.

But they are hooking me up with pain meds for later. That scares me a bit. 

 oh good. I have zero pain tolerance though ;( asked for epidurals in my 6th month of pregnancy

    I think fondue would be en excellent post root canal dinner

Feels like a really painful sinus infection now that the stuff is wearing off

I did end up taking one of the pain pills when I got home and another at bedtime.  I'm fine today though. Well, as long as I don't bite on that tooth - but it's not really a biting tooth, so I'm pretty ok.
Tomorrow-ish, look for an uplifting-type post where I tell the bricks to SUCK IT. ;-)


  1. Funniest root canal ever! Yay!

  2. You left out the muffin joke.