Sunday, July 15, 2012

People Are Stupid

When I wasn't working, I didn't feel like writing. Now that I am working, I don't have time. Go figure. I mean, I AM writing, (I said I was working, right?) but not HERE is all.

I have a file on my phone with all sorts of topics. But today, I just need to rant ramble. . Bear with me. ;-)

Now, I know that there are people that read this that are just gonna have to put on their big girl panties and deal with it. I keep most rants in my happy place - and if you stalk invade that area, just be aware that you might not like what you see.  However, that's going to be the House of Sloth today too.  You've been warned. If you think you may have made me stabby lately, you may not want to continue. However, for my computer-y friends, I'll tell you that I know every one of these people IRL - and there's only one I have not met in person, but still deal with frequently. goes.

If you are incompetent at your job, do not try to cover it up by trying to drag someone else down with you. It will bite you in the butt. It will draw attention to your own work.  And quite frankly, your desperate attempts to do so only make you look like an whiny little ass. I had my doubts about you before.  But don't mess with the food I am trying to put on my children's table because YOU are insecure. We will rumble. . This lesson can also be applied to the third person I wanted to rant about: Don't use your guilt as a reason to blame others for your problems. Find a solution, not a blame.

To protect privacy (not that I'd mind ratting them out, but then again, you know who you are), I'll not name names, but tell a general story: If a girl/woman is willing to cheat with you, while you are married (even if you have children), what makes you think she won't do it to you? Or, Ladies, the same. If he'll cheat WITH you, he'll cheat on you. I don't mean to sound all Lifetime t.v.special here, but the number of people I know personally who engage in this behavior is astounding. To add to that, the circumstances surrounding the last "case"...well, if I lay them out here, the privacy thing will go out the window (and it's not my place) but for the love of God, are you a freaking moron?  And the justification (and guilt-fueled jackass behavior towards the afflicted party is even worse than the cheating, imo..) When I say I'm cynical and jaded, it's not a joke.  I've been through it and that's what made me this way. But the sheer volume of times this happens...Be a man (or woman). Admit that what you did was shitty. Don't treat the (ex) person like crap because of your guilt. That's just cowardice.

This is breaking my "don't make readers scroll" rule, so I'll save the next rant for another post. Maybe I'll even draft it now so I don't have to dust cobwebs off the blog. ;-)

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