Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Look Inside My Head

You've been warned.

Between the four children and myself, I've had to go to approximately 3 doctor's appointments a week for the past few months. The reasons vary, but let's just say, I've Foursquare mayored several Carle and Christie locations at least once this summer.

So, today, it was my turn. I had a six month check up with my internist. I do this every six months. Yet, I forgot, somehow that I would have a fasting blood test and I ate ONE Pringle chip. One.  So, I declined the test. (I don't want to get put on some med I don't need over a chip.) Oh...also, I went to the wrong building. There are approximately 8 different buildings I have had to visit this summer, not counting Peoria Children's or Carle Hospital, and I got confused. What's worse...the guy checked me in at the wrong building and told me to go to the 4th floor. As I stood at the elevator, I said...this is not right.  I ran for my car and made it to the right clinic with 5 minutes to spare.

I stopped at my least favorite Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up a back pack/lunch box for Emmy and some chicken salad for lunch. I spent $98.

I got home to a page of work-related emails. (Notice how I'm writing a blog post to tell you about them, rather than addressing them...that comes up in a minute.)

I decided I needed a Red Bull, because after 30 minutes, I had gotten nothing done, not even the simplest of tasks. So...
I went to the kitchen to get a Red Bull. I realized it was after two, so I decided to check the mail. The cat slipped out as I opened the door. (If you've been following the saga on Twitter, I have a crabby old neighbor across the street who thinks that my cat, who never even leaves my yard when she does actually go outside, was using his yard as a litter box. Despite his uber-rude "hey, you've lived there for two years and the first time I ever acknowledge your existence, I'm going to  yell at  you" approach, I have made an effort not to even let her onto the patio. )She, of course, ran, so I had to grab her by her tail. She cried. I spent two minute apologizing. To a cat. I put her in. Then I remembered the mail. P.S. Despite having kept her in for about 10 days now, neighbor STILL insists, by way of shaking his head at me when I'm outside, that my cat is still going to his house.

I brought the mail in and sat down in front of my computer to open it. The Red Bull is still in the kitchen. Hopefully, I can make it, unassisted, to Effingham tonight. And on that note:

I know, it probably doesn't make any sense to 99.99% of people. But it's my new philosophy. ;-)

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