Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Sloth Visits the Mechanic

I went to the dealership to get my oil changed today. I had a few items on my list: oil change (obviously), wiper blades (as Cody had started my car for me--wipers still on, ice on windshield,) tail light (has been out for a LONG time...oops). I figured... $50.

I left writing a check for $150 -and finding out that I need $700 worth of other stuff. Now, before you go all "highway robbery" on me...my dad is the shop foreman. I'm pretty sure he's not running up my bill. As a matter of fact, he probably tells them, "this is my kid's car...make her safe."

So, as part of the oil change package, they look at various parts of the vehicle to make sure...well, that you're safe and not going to break down on the way home. My  battery failed the load test. Like, "Crystal Taking Advanced Trigonometry" failed. So, I had to buy a new battery. As I'm about to trek to Chicago, I was ok with this. I don't really want to break down outside of Joliet prison. (Not that I plan on visiting there, but that would be my luck.)

That was the first time my dad came into the waiting area. $ The next time, he told me I needed new tires. $$ He left, came back, and told me I needed a new water pump. $$$ Oh, and also, a lower intake manifold. $$$$ (I totally made that up based on the words on my invoice... I honestly have no idea, other than it's leaking coolant, but it shall hereafter be referred to as the thingamajigger.)  

He also told me that the water pump and thingamajigger need replaced ASAP. The tires can probably wait a little while, but not too long. He made some comment about how I drive a lot. (I don't even come close to three months between oil changes.) BUT there was good news... He wants me to keep a jug of coolant in my car - just in case - and it's supposed to be pink! I didn't ask if it came with glitter. He probably wouldn't have seen the humor in it. My radiator probably wouldn't either, but I think the thingamajigger would totally hold out on me for a few more months if I dressed it up with some glitter and made it feel pretty.

So...instead of an iPad for Chirstmas, I get a water pump. I hope they'll give me the box it came in so I can at least wrap it up.

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  1. That totally sucks. Of course, when it rains, it pours (and right before a holiday). If it makes you feel any better, we have two cars that both need four new tires. Super. Any chance I can get my kids to want tires for Christmas?