Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Loopy Sloth

Saturday morning started off as I expected. The kids and I got up early-ish to go to "Breakfast with Santa" - which turned out to be "Breakfast adjacent to and at least 50 feet away from Santa." So, basically, we had some donuts and Fia and Emmy got presents from the table.

We came home and started getting ready for our friend's wedding. I had bought some shiny, glittery shoes, and some of those no-show socks to go with them. We were all dressed and ready. I had to adjust those stupid socks. When I bent down to do really, really, REALLY hurt when I stood up.  Ok, so, I laid down on my bed for awhile. I couldn't get up. I've had some issues with that area of my back for several months now, so I took my prescription anti-inflammatory and a pain med that doesn't make me talk about purple squirrels and rainbow puppies.

Once I managed to get into the car, I drove the kids to the gas station to get drinks (leaning over at a drive through window was not an option.) I sat in the car crying because I didn't think I could do it. Somehow or other, we made it to the wedding without crashing. However, I didn't stand, kneel, or otherwise through the Catholic wedding. My friend, Lacy, looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle, but there was no standing in her honor or I would have cried.

I remained seated throughout the reception, although we didn't stay long.

I managed to get myself back into the car the next day to return for the girl's Christmas performances. Again, I sat the whole time. I felt like a slug, not carrying chairs or helping corral kids...but I couldn't move.

I drove home, dropped off the younger girls and took Sydney with me to the ER. I knew if I just went to convenient care, they'd offer pain meds and send me home. I wanted them to find out what was wrong. Well...apparently, the ER decided all I needed was medication (and to stretch to work through the pain, at which point, I wanted to kick the doctor, but I couldn't lift my leg.)  They couldn't give me a shot of whatever it was because I was driving.  So, I left with a prescription that I couldn't fill b/c I couldn't find an open pharmacy.

Monday and the pain is getting worse. I got into my doctor, who actually examined me, had me try some movements (none of which were possible), ordered an x-ray, and wrote the appropriate prescriptions, including prednisone, which I know will help, but I'll be turning in to a raging bitch in 3, 2, ...1. (Shut up...more so than usual, I mean.)

It's now Wednesday. I tried to go all day with no meds (except the steroids) because I wanted to take the girls to dance. No go.  Meds- can't drive. no meds, can't move.

Regardless, once we made the decision not to go, I took the medicine and now I'm better, but the ceiling fan looks like a very dirty octopus.

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