Thursday, January 10, 2013

These Are Not My Children

My kids do things that not only would I never have done, but quite frankly, give me anxiety attacks if I think about putting myself in those situations.

No, they don't jump from airplanes or go SCUBA diving. (Both of these things decidedly NOT on my to do list.)

They're...well, outgoing and social. I don't understand it. And what's more is that the girls like to perform. In front of...PEOPLE.

Cody, ever since he was little, didn't have a problem with walking up to a stranger and just TALKING TO THEM!!! He would make new friends wherever we went. He wasn't so much with the performing though. When he'd have a performance for school or VBS at church where they had to sing, he'd either sit down or stand there pretending to yawn. That's my boy.

Sydney, however... well, she wouldn't speak to someone she didn't know. She'd hide behind my leg if someone addressed her. And, well, if you ever read this blog, you know she dances - started doing duets at age 8 and solos...SOLOS at age 9. All by herself. On stage. And not just in front of people, but people who were judging her!!! Most recently, her team performed at an Illini game with over 15,000 people in attendance. I don't know how she didn't pass out.

Emily, well she's never been exceptionally shy (except when she was a baby) or afraid to perform. She's always excited to do skits, make videos, participate in plays, etc. Now that she's in 6th grade, she's in the choir. She told me last night that she plans to sing a solo at one of their contests. I think Emily might just take the cake there. A solo. Singing. In front of people.

I have no doubt that Sophia will probably take from each of these kids as she's not shy about talking to other children at the playground, she loves to sing, she loves to dance. And she LOVES to be in the spotlight - the center of attention.

Is it possible that all four of my babies were switched at birth?

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