Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Cannot Order Shoes Online

Sydney has been dancing for...eleven years. (I once figured out that if Sophia stays in dance until she's a senior, I will have been doing this with my kids for TWENTY FIVE YEARS! - carp!)

Anyway, since she started on a competitive team at age 6, I've been ordering shoes online. I've also been returning shoes that I order online because ordering dance shoes is even more complicated that trying to figure out the rules between the different competitions.

Some brands want you to order 1-2 sizes up or down from street shoe size (companies: 1-2 sizes is a big difference.) Some want you to order street shoe size. Sometimes, a company  *coughjustforkixcough* will tell you over the phone that such and such size is the right one and then you get the shoes and they are too big (this totally didn't JUST happen or anything.)  Sometimes, you'll order the correct size and style and they send you the WRONG SHOE.

It's no wonder the kids are dancing in socks these days. Their parents are probably rocking back and forth in a corner from the trauma of dance shoe ordering. Oh...just me? Well, then.

So, now I'll go and return the awesome sparkly jazz shoes that I just bought (well, actually, bought in September and then waited 3 months while they were on backorder only to find that they are 1 - too big, 2 - insanely slippery - and 3 - not very comfortable.  Also...the slip says they can be returned 60 days from ship date - which was last week sometime, yet my invoice says 9/12/12 AND... I had to cancel my debit card yesterday (thank you Norton scammer lady), AND  I have to pay to ship their crappy shoes back.

Do you think by the time Sophia is 14, I'll have this process down?  Yeah, me either.


  1. Nope, never. Said by a mother who has spent a total of 29 hours in pointe shoe fittings and have bought 7 pairs of pointe shoes at a price of about $665.00 (not to mention all the other swag bought at said stores )to finally have the 1st pair EVER finally approved by the dance teacher with a ,"Hurray, finally a shoe that really fits". That is, until, the foot grows and we have to buy another pair. :(

    Like my run-on improperly written sentence?

    1. Oh my gosh! Are you going to be able to return some of those? lol

      I wish Sydney was doing pointe this year...but then again, that's another pair of shoes. haha

      Next up...glitter spray paint on Capezio jazz shoes. Wish me luck. ;-)