Thursday, April 25, 2013


Emily and her dad went to the pump class in February...wait...let me back this up.

When she was dx last June, we were told she had to wait 6 months to get a pump. This is bullshit. Since then, I've connected with other parents of diabetic children who tell me their child left the hospital with one. That wasn't a doctor rule, that was an insurance rule. 

In December, we started had been six months. She had an endo appt. in January. They also told us that the 6 month rule was bogus. (If you know anything of her struggles with this damned disease, you'll know why I'm pissed off.)  Her dad took her to the pump info class in February. We had a pump selected. They needed 30 days of blood sugar logs...and then she went into the hospital. We'll call March a wash. But somewhere in there, I managed to send those logs to the pump company who then tells us that the insurance wants 30 MORE days...because they aren't sure if she's diabetic??? WTF...So...I send the 30 more days

THEN...the insurance denies it b/c they won't buy it directly through the company. We had to go through their distributor. So....they call me.

 That  rep calls back for my payment info. Long insurance story short, it should have been covered 100%. I tell her how to fix this. She grumps about it, tells me she'll call on Monday. On Tuesday, I called her, she said "oh, they won't accept it." So, I told her to have a nice day, I'd be taking my business elsewhere. (She was wrong BTW...they could have and should have fixed this. She was lazy and didn't want to do her job.)

I filled out the paperwork for the 2nd choice pump. Within 24 hours, the rep was calling me. Told me the insurance issue would not be an issue. She emailed me files that I needed to return. I did. Within 48 hours...the pump is being shipped. (and covered 100%) Medtronic has excellent customer service. Excellent.

Emily has a saline class to learn to use it on May 10. She has to go back after that to do the insulin class. As she's been running over 400 all week with high ketones... I'm ready to do this. I think she needs continuous short acting insulin. I'm very excited.  I hope that a continuous glucose monitor will be her next step. 

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