Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Really Suck At Blogging

Because...really... are any of you even still reading this? You know, besides the Russians?

  •  I missed Emily's birthday post. Um, sorry. She's 12 now though. 
  • We're going back to the doctor for the 454,498th time today. High sugar, ketones. Oh...and her eye is red and swollen again. I don't even want to talk about it.
  • The dog doesn't get out a lot these days. She goes right to the van for a ride if she does anyway. She's useless for blog material.
  • Dance - well, I posted that rant on FB yesterday. Here's the summary: Chill the hell out.  If you've even read 1/4 of this blog, you know that it's important in our family, but please... it's not life. And this is coming from a parent of a kid who'd like to try to dance in college/teach dance, etc. But these competitions are for fun. No one is going to give a rat's ass what you scored at Podunk Regional in the Intermediate Division at one of 231 competitions going on that weekend when you're interviewing or auditioning for a job. You can tell the neighbors or grandma whatever you want. Oh, wait, I wasn't going to rant again. Dammit. I need to chill the hell out too.
  • Oh... this is news. My baby is taking his ACT & PSAE today. The PSAE is required for graduation. Why we are even talking about THAT is beyond me. He's just in kindergarten. Or 11th grade. Shut up. I don't want to talk about that either. Of course, tonight, when he's acting 17... I'll be like, "why are you not grown and out of the house yet?" because teenage boys are assholes. I love him, but it's true.

That's enough for today.

*reminder - you have one month left to buy me pretty things for my birthday.

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