Monday, May 27, 2013

Sloth Family Newsletter


She is doing fantastic with her pump. 90% of her sugars have been under 200 and I'd say that a good 75% are within target. As a result, I"m certain that my blood pressure has gone down.  She just finished 6th grade. She missed nearly 60 days of school. I'm glad to put that year behind us. 
She just had her first dance competition a few weeks ago. We got to put make up and eyelashes and dresses on her without complaint! Her team did a fantastic job and even scored a high gold on their jazz dance, which I thought was pretty darned impressive. They looked great!

Cody... is still 17. On those days that I want to just scream, I try to remember that we're in a way better place than we were a year ago. Now that the class of 2013 has graduated, I think that means he's a senior now. I'm not sure how I feel about that - but probably not for the reasons you think - the "baby growing up" stuff - I mean, yeah, there's that, but there's more. We'll just leave it at, I hope he grows up a lot in the next year. ;-)

Sydney just finished her freshman year. She'll start driver's ed in the fall. I think I may actually be looking forward to that though. With her dance schedule, she'll have her 50 hours of driving in by Christmas. She has one more competition this year (nationals), but has had a fantastic regional season. Her team is doing really well and her lyrical solo placed first in her division at 3 out of 4 of the competitions we've been to. She got a (partial) scholarship to Fuzion dance camp (ironically, from the competition where she did NOT place first lol). She also auditioned for the Rockette Summer Intensive and was accepted to that. 

Fia is all four year old. Ornery and full of drama. She got to go to a mock preschool this Spring at the high school, so now she's super excited to start preschool in the Fall. She (and Sydney & Emmy) have recital next week, so she's very excited about that. 

Melissa must be super busy, because I have no idea what she's been up to. ;-) I know she's taking vocal lessons at Millikin and was part of another Decatur Park District production this Spring.  I missed it b/c of a dance competition and Greg missed it because of Snowpocolypse 2013. She's also going to be a senior and Greg doesn't want to talk about it. ;-)

Andrew is at basic training right now. He joined the Army Reserves on April 30th. We're very proud of him - and Greg cannot wait until he can start hearing from him more often. (He did get a letter a week or so ago. Made his day.) 

Molly...well, she's always into the trash, but at least I don't have to spend 3 or 4 days a week chasing her down the street. ;-)

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