Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Luckily, I didn't realize how warm it was outside...

when I heard the garbage truck make its way down the opposite side of the street, prompting me to see if one of my three older children or husband had by some off-chance remembered to take the trash cans the 15 feet to the curb on their way out of the house this morning.  I'll save you the suspense.  They did not.

I took the trash to the's getting pretty sloshy out there, what with the gazillion inches of ice finally starting to melt.

Anyway...back to my fabulous luck. :-)

I was lucky enough to get the trash to the curb before they made it back around the block.

However, Sophia decided to lock the deadbolt on the front door.

She claimed in her toddler-language that she was trying to keep the puppy from going outside.

Luckily, I had put my coat on, so I had my keys in my pocket.  And luckily, she had locked the deadbolt and not the door handle, because despite them having the same lock, my key will not unlock the handle.

I'm glad I have such good luck. :-)

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