Friday, March 4, 2011

A Step Back

I'm finally learning.  It's only taken 35 years.  But I'm learning.

I know when I need to take a step back - when things that, while maybe wrong or rightfully irritating aren't as big a deal as I'm making them out to be because I'm stressed about something else.

My cousin David passed away yesterday.  He was only 44.  It's been a very stressful week with trying to help with some of the travel arrangements for my family and well...dealing family - God love 'em.  And, of course, while David and I weren't close as adults, I"m still very, very sad.

I've typed and removed two status updates on Facebook tonight because while I still feel the things I wrote, being passive-aggressive and overly sensitive isn't going to solve anything - and I know that #1 I'm just being Mama Bear and #2 I'm just at the bottom of my barrel for the week, so pretty much anything is going to irritate me/hurt my feelings/ get on my nerves  at the moment.

But that's growth - I know that while my feelings are valid, I'm probably being a little overly-sensitive because of my anxiety level at the moment.  If I"m still upset in a few days about what I think may have happened, I'll deal with it later.

Yeah...I know, this isn't exactly my funniest blog post, but I can't always bring the funny. :-)  I try...but a sloth needs her rest.

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